Leica Q (Typ 116) – First Impression Review | Henry’s Note

I had an opportunity to test Leica Q (Type 116) before it was officially even released back in the beginning of June. Here’s my first impression of this prominent camera from Leica. Because I had couple hours of time with this camera I only write about the first impression and mechanical quality of this camera in a form of a review. Many of you already know the basic features of this camera so I don’t bother to tell too much of those in this first impression review. I’m focusing on my personal experience with this camera and like always I’m keeping it simple. My full review will follow as soon I get a tad more time with this camera. The first glimpse of Leica Q (Typ 116) was related to its size. It’s quite big as a digital compact camera actually – only a tad slimmer or narrower than Leica M9 depending how you measure it. Weight was my second impression which is remarkably light compared to its size…….

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Leica Q

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