Leica X2 or Fuji X100s – Which to Take with Me? | David Knoble

The Fuji X100s has such great usability and the sensor detail is superb with the 35mm (equivalent) f/2.0 lens.  The Leica X2 has the same focal length, but starts at f/2.8, has a much slower focus, far fewer settings and uses a dial for the f/stop rather than a ring around the lens like the X100s.  So, the question is, which one should I take with me as a grab camera for an overnight trip to Washington DC?  My instinct was to take the X100s, for obvious reasons here and in other posts.  In fact, even though I love to shoot the Leica Monochrom and the Leica M9-P, I was considering trading in the X2 along with the M9-P for a new Leica M (240) – when my turn comes of course. Then something happens causing me to think some more.  I have the X2 with me when an absolutely spectacular sunset presents itself and this is what I get.  The images below are out-of-the-camera JPEG’s (OOC), and were shot using ISO 1600 and f/4.0…….

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