Light Leak Problems Also Affecting the Fujifilm X-T1 |
The Phoblographer

Days after spotting the light leaking issues on the Sony A7 and A7r, it seems Fujifilm’s latest and hottest X-T1 mirrorless camera is having problems of its own. A German Fuji Rumors reader first spotted the light leaks coming through the ports on the camera. Reviewed confirmed the errant photons come in through the 2.5mm audio jack and HDMI output. The exposure above shows the results of taking a 30-second long exposure whilst shining a flashlight around the outside of the camera. While it’s clear the issue exists, light leaks only really crop up while the port door is open when shooting long exposures or shining a flashlight directly into the camera. A simple fix would be to put gaffers tape over the ports to completely block out the light. Fujifilm, meanwhile, is offering a service to fix the “few affected cameras” and return them within 10 days…….

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