London Street Photography | Simon Burgess

Simon Burgess is a talented photographer based in the Hampshire Village of Nether Wallop. After a recent dose of inspiration, he took to his favorite London markets for a unique project. Armed with a Fuji X100 and Replichrome, film presets for Lightroom, he began creating compelling images, reminiscent of classic film street photography, but updated for the modern era. We caught up with Simon to learn about the markets that inspire him so much, and how Replichrome fits into his post-processing. The Market on Columbia Road kicks into life really early every Sunday morning, when an everyday East End London Street is transformed into a bustling Flower Market. Despite the stallholders shouting prices every opportunity at anyone who appears in need of a bunch of flowers and has money to spend, it’s a really relaxed place to spend Sunday morning. There is always good street music, and for people watching there is nowhere better. It’s also a great place for vintage and second-hand everythingness. I saw a pile of old Vogue magazines from the ’80s, full of great ads all done with film, of course. They made me think that I should try and do a little series from the market using only one lens, a 35mm equivalent on Fuji X100, and everything processed with Replichrome…..

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