Long Exposure Tutorial | SebImagery

First and foremost, let me apologize for completely falling off of the map.  As some of you know last March I moved from Dubai to South Korea.  Since then I’ve fallen behind on my website…a lot.  Lets not even start talking about emails.  So here’s my first picture taken out in Seoul last week. In the past I’ve gotten quite a few emails regarding my processing and process in general.  Recently I had a discussion on Facebook with a photographer in Seoul and she was asking about long exposure photography.  I figured why the hell not just make a blog post about it.  Maybe this will put me back on track from being the slacker ass I’ve been.  (I also have a loaner Sony A7Rii I’m going to be doing a review of). What exactly is Long Exposure photography? …….

Source: sebimagery.com

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