Making the most of a distracting zoo environment with a
Fuji 55-200mm zoom and the X-T1 | Tom Grill

One afternoon in Florida we took a break and visited a local wildlife preserve hoping to get in some fun photography of the animals. Problem was all the animals were in cages with very narrow openings in their wire fencing, and in most cases the backgrounds were inappropriate and distracting. To get around this problem I put my longest lens, the 55-200mm zoom, on the Fuji X-T1. Zooming the lens to its longest focal length helped minimize the obstruction from wire cages.  I also set the lens to its most open aperture, and positioned it as close as possible to the wire cages. This gave me the lowest depth of field and threw the wire cages mostly out of focus…….

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Fujifilm Fujinon XF55-200mm F3.5-4.8

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