Meet the Leica Meet: Stephen Cosh, The Old City |
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This interview is part of a series in which Olaf Willoughby talks with Leica Meet members about their photographic projects, their stories, goals and learnings along the way. Here Olaf interviews Stephen Cosh, a photographer from Scotland who, inspired by a book, has embarked on a long journey to capture the humanity of the city of Jerusalem. Q: Tell us about your project. What’s its title and main theme? A: The project is simply called “Jerusalem.” I came up with the idea after reading Jerusalem by Simon Sebag Montefiore. Once I finished the book I knew I had to get out there and shoot it, so I booked a four day trip in February 2014, packed two cameras and two lenses and lots of film and got on a plane. What I am trying to capture in the project is the humanity of the city — how its history has shaped the town and its people. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded yet. It will require many more trips out there and I’m determined to make that happen. Q: […]