Mono a mono: Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) hands-on |
Damien Demolder

Leica’s new Monochrom M camera brings the black-and-white-only concept up to date and into line with the technological advantages of the latest M (Typ 240) and M-P cameras. The main changes in Leica’s latest M-series models are a switch from the previous CCDs to 24MP CMOS sensors, and thus the introduction of live view, a new buffer to speed the processing along and a much better rear screen. With modern Leicas you have to look pretty closely to know which one is in front of you. The M Monochrom (Typ 246) has been designed very much in the style of the latest M models, with the distinctive curved corners and a very solid build. As expected, the top deck and base plates are machined from solid blocks of brass, while the body is made from magnesium alloy. The top-plate is free of any embellishment, and there isn’t a red dot to be seen anywhere – or even a Leica logo – so the camera is very low-profile and designed not to stand out. The chrome black finish is nicely matte too, and contributes to the overall understated concept. The only written clue to the exact model you’re holding is the word ‚Monochrom‘ etched in black into the black hotshoe guides……..


Leica M Monochrom

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