More Thoughts on the Fuji X-E1 | Mark Schueler

A lit­tle while ago, I spent some qual­ity time com­par­ing the Fuji X-E1 to the newer X-E2. I tried to give an hon­est appraisal of both cam­eras, point­ing out where the X-E2 had leapt for­ward, and where it still fell short. In that com­par­i­son, I praised the X-E1 for its excel­lent value, image qual­ity, and over­all abil­ity next to its younger sib­ling, even as I declared the X-E2 the over­all bet­ter cam­era. That was back in Jan­u­ary, and things didn’t change much until early May, when I picked up a sec­ond X-E2 for wed­ding work, and thought about putting the X-E1 out to pas­ture. Since the X-E1 vs. X-E2 com­par­i­son has been one of my most-searched and most read blogs, I fig­ured it was worth talk­ing about what changed between now and then… and maybe I’ll talk a lit­tle bit about why I don’t have Fuji’s newest dar­ling, the X-T1…….