Moving from DSLR to Fujifilm X-Series | John Colson

In August last year (after a good few months of thinking about it) I bought my first Fuji X-Series camera (an X-T1) with a view to supplementing my existing camera set up (Canon 5D3′s) and then, if things went well,  replacing them altogether. It wasn’t something I felt I could just go all in on straight away… I loved my Canon cameras and had just about got to the point where I felt vaguely competent in using them. However, the impact of using such a heavy camera system on my back and a desire to keep working for as long as I physically can meant I had to look for a less cumbersome camera system so I decided to give Fuji a go…….


Fuji X-T1

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Hi went thru the same process, finally selling my big canon lenses etc. 2 months via DPre view comparisons.., etc. In the end I chose Sony a6000. It appears to do all Sony claimed and more, including a much smaller bag and neck pain and portability. Good luck

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