My Fuji vs. Olympus catch-22 | Vassilios Zacharitsev

Regular readers of this blog would know that I use both Olympus and Fuji cameras. I may happen to occasionally use another brand, but it will probably be for testing/review purposes. Although I started shooting Olympus m43 cameras exclusively more than 3 years ago, during the last year or so I also entered the X-System and, today, use is practically equally divided between the two. It’s funny if you recall that both companies are named after holy mountains; Olympus from the Greek mountain of the Gods, and Fuji taking its name from that natural monument of Japanese culture. But, apart from that, both companies have much more in common. It could be said that both target broadly the same audience. Although they have consumer cameras in their line-up, the throw their weight on the higher level enthusiastmarket, while their flagships also target professional users. Same is true about their respective lens systems. They have both decided to go with the retro styling; Fuji even extending it to the control structure. This, I believe, have gained them quite a following, be it from nostalgic film-era photographers, hipsters, or, simply those with enough taste to loathe the bloated „black jellybean“ look of modern DSLRs. There are other common themes between the two brands, which we’ll discuss later on…….


Fuji X-T1

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