My Fujifilm X-100T or rediscovering the joy in photography | Bill Thornhill

But the thing is, it’s not about the features for me. What makes this such a great camera is that it’s with me all the time. It can fit into most pockets or just hang off my shoulder without any inconvenience. The best camera is the one you have on you so they say, and the X-100T fills that role perfectly. At home it sits in the kitchen so I can grab it anytime I want to grab a shot of family life. If I’m out, whether simply shopping or out with the family, it’s with me. Exactly the opposite of life with a DSLR. The silent shutter is one of my favorite features due to my love of the candid photo and I can be shooting a foot away from someone with their noticing. In fact the camera itself doesn’t attract any real attention from people in general other than the odd comment asking if it shoots film. The inconspicuousness that it provides has been a real boon to my photography on a day to day basis……..


Fuji X100T

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