My last outing with the X100s. Fuji X100s vs Fuji X100T |
Alexander Leaman

Well I’ve been shooting with the Fuji X100T since I could get my hands on one, but I originally decided to keep the X100s. Why? I knew that I probably wouldn’t use it again – my usual setup is an X-T1 with an X100 hanging off my belt, so I didn’t need two of the X100s – as my mum used to plead; “I’ve only got one pair of hands!” Quite. No, the reason that I wanted to hang on to the X100s was, it turns out, a personal issue with attachment to camera gear. I’ve enjoyed using the X100s so much that I didn’t want to let it go. We’ve, um, been through so much together…. A sad tale, I’m sure you’d agree. And I’d be with you on that, but it’s actually a new experience for me to feel something about camera gear. When I dumped the Nikon DSLRs early on it was literally that – I got rid of the fantastic D800s without batting an eyelid. I ploughed the lenses  onto eBay without registering any emotion, and got rid of them with a click of the mouse. Done……


Fuji X100S

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