My Lightroom Wish List | Thomas Fitzgerald

Despite the fact that I’m probably best known for my Aperture work, I actually use Lightroom a lot. In fact, It’s pretty much my main tool now that Aperture has only seen minor revisions for nearly three years. I really like Lightroom but there are lots of little areas where eI think it could do with some improvement. I’ve been keeping a list of things I’d like to see as an ongoing note in Evernote, and it’s getting quite large, so I thought I’d share my thoughts. Just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m not criticising the software. I’m also not really talking about big features, or major changes, but just some little things that I think would help with the workflow significantly. Well, in my opinion anyway. I’m sure everyone has their own views as to what improvements Lightroom should have, and I’m sure there could be lots of heated discussions, but for now here’s my thoughts…..

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