Nightskies with the Fuji X-Pro2 | Florian Breuer

I had the camera for a long weekend in Pearly Beach with the family, and most of my pictures were shots of my kids, so I won’t post them here. But I did get one night of clear skies, where I could try out the 16mm on my panoramic head. The result is at the top of this post, and I’ll explain how I made it below. You can read detailed reviews of the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 camera all over the net, so I’ll just briefly give my own impressions here. The camera is tiny compared to my old Canon dinosaur, and it was a very pleasant experience to shoot with it. I can carry it all day. The viewfinder is excellent, although I’m a pedant when it comes to precise framing, so I found myself always using the electronic viewfinder…….

Source: Florian’s Photographs: Nightskies with the Fuji X-Pro2