Notes from the Fuji team on the CES stand today | Chris Dodkin

Initially they said 24 feb for the 56mm, then said  Mid March – so looks like some movement possible there. They ended saying 56 and 10-24 both mid march for sure. The mysterious fast wide – Wouldn’t commit to a focal length, but from the conversation I’d guess it’s most likely 16mm f/1.4 (24mm Equiv FF). When asked about the lack of camera release in the X-Series at CES this year, it was noted that there is a bigger show in Japan at the end of Jan…. so I will be watching that show closely. There was no disucion on weatherproof lenses – the suggestion seemed to be that this was an InterNet rumor rather than a manufacturer statement at this point. They did confirm constant 2.8 zooms this year (as we knew) – the are going for the high yield lenses first rather than the niche lenses – filling out the key primes and zooms…..

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