On Flagships: X-T2 and X-Pro2 | Patrick La Roque

So you’ve been following the news, the leaks and now—finally—it’s official: the X-T2 is a real, tangible piece of hardware coming to a store near you. Cue G.A.S.I wasn’t part of the beta project this time around but if you’re looking for an extensive hands-on review, check out my good friend Kevin Mullin’s yet-again-insanely-in-depth take; frankly, he’s now making me feel self-conscious about reviews—take it down a notch will you Kev? Geez. My Canadian X comrade Don Craig also has a very nice review of the camera and my buddy Bert Stephani has a video as well. Obviously, tons of content out there.I should eventually get some hands-on experience but for now, I thought I’d look at the…“philosophical“ implications of this release. THE RIFTWhen FUJIFILM released the X-Pro1 five years ago, it was immediately labelled as the flagship camera of the fledgling X-series system. But with the release of the X-T1, that title suddenly became unclear: we now had more advanced technology (perfectly normal given how fast the series was being developed) and yet the X-Pro1 still maintained its official flagship status. I remember silly debates around this. I think these were growing pains, a transition period—I’d even go so far as to call it „live brainstorming“ to a certain extent. The company was testing the waters in terms of design, features and overall direction……

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