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A Review of the Fuji XT1 | Amy Medina

So I’ve been a Fuji XT1 owner now for a few months. I decided to sell my x100 and XE1 both to help fund the purchase, two of the biggest reasons being the new EVF and that weather-sealing is something that comes in handy when I shoot in the rain and snow often. The latter actually leads to one of my biggest gripes with the camera, of which I have very few, and in the grands scheme of things, isn’t much of a gripe at all… at least not yet. But let’s get it over with. I’m not completely convinced the weather-sealing is all that solid on the XT1. The SD card door doesn’t seem to slide-snap into place as solidly as I’d like, and it’s easier than it should be to accidentally open it. This is the biggest point of weather-sealing weakness, so it seems. Also, when I was researching to buy this camera, I was having a hard time finding an answer — for sure — whether that the kit lens that came with it would be weather sealed or not… and of course, now I know it’s not. Call it a minor annoyance, but I found it irksome that a newly weather-sealed body was sold with a lens that wasn’t equally weather-sealed, especially when there’s no other weather-sealed lenses available yet. I ended up almost immediately trading the kit lens for the SLR Magic 35mm…….

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