Re-review: Revisiting the Fujifilm X-E2 with Firmware Version 2.0 |

Recently I’ve been spending time perusing through the comment sections on DPReview.com and other photo websites, just to get a feel for what’s going on out there. As a reviewer, we often get immersed in our own view of how things are and should be, so its important to leave our bubble once in a while to explore the outside world. I do follow the main websites and YouTube channels to see what other reviewers are saying, but what’s it like on the street? There seems to be an US versus THEM attitude, with endless debates over sensor size (M43, APS-C, FF), and camera styles (DLSR, mirrorless, retro, modern, ILC, P&S, etc.). This ongoing ‚battle‘ shows how segmented the market has become, even more so than in the past. This has also affected the manufacturers, trying to predict what photographers want and adjusting their product line to satisfy their market share, and hopefully increase it. This isn’t always a bad thing, and Fuji has decided to add a bit of variety to their X-series line-up. A few months back I reviewed the Fujifilm XE-2 and felt it was the best X-series body I had reviewed up to that point… until they announced the X-T1. It was quite the departure from the direction Fuji was taking their mirrorless cameras, but it was a nice change. Although the X-T1 had basically the same sensor and processor as the X-E2, the style and ergonomics of the camera was completely different………

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