Real Australia with the FujiFilm X100T and XF90 | Caveira Photography

It’s not everyday I find myself trekking through the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, wearing suade shoes and black Levi’s. However, when there’s a great opportunity to be had, you work with what you’ve got. For this trip I packed an X100T that the lovely FujiFIlm Australia folks have loaned me, and my own XT-1 and XF90 for something a little different to add into the photo mix. After flying up to Sydney to present at an educational expo on virtual reality, I had a spare few days up my sleeve to suss out a little more than just the local tourist attractions. A quick recommendation from an expert rock-climbing friend to checkout Wentworth Falls, and I was on my way. The 2-hour ride from Sydney’s Central Station is very comfortable, picturesque, and best of all, extremely accessible and affordable for anyone. Simply put, if you’re ever in Sydney, a day trip here is very easy to undertake and highly recommended……..