Relaxed, natural and fresh: travel photography with the Fuji X-E1 |
Sabino Parente

Every journey for me is always a new story to tell and to write on the pages of my life book, but I need a light pen that follows the soft flow of my hand, and that allows me to be relaxed, natural, fresh. Here again, relaxed, natural, fresh, these are precisely the three qualities that I found in photographing with the Fuji X-E1, and not only for its practicality and lightness. I was relaxed, while i  was walking in the souks of Marrakesh, natural, capturing the life in the huge medina of Fes and fresh, after hours and hours of walking and photographing. Morocco “on the road” has been a fantastic experience, an explosion of colors and flavors in a country rich in culture and unforgettable atmosphere and the small Fuji X-E1 has allowed me to completely live the Moroccan life without being distracted and frustrated by carrying an heavy equipment or an uncomfortable bag, as in the past with the big DSLR……

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