Remote Photography with the X-T1 | David Cleland

Cameras featuring WIFI connectivity are a relatively new phenomenon. The X-M1 was the first camera I used that offered a wifi connection to a mobile device such as iOS or Android phone. The Fujifilm mobile app enables the user to use the GPS feature on their phone to add geo-location data to images via wifi. This is quite a useful feature and I have been using it ever since the Freedom Through Photography project. See my review of the X-M1 for more information. Fujifilm have taken the wifi feature a step further with their latest app “Fujifilm Camera remote” for both iOS and Android. Although I have the other Fujifilm mobile apps (Fujifilm Photo Receiver etc) installed the new Camera Remote App is my personal favourite. The image below shows the X-T1 on a tripod with what the camera is seeing displayed remotely on my phone…….

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