Review: Fujifilm X-T1 | Alessio Michelini

A couple of months ago I had to shoot Corner Boy for Red Bulletin Magazine, and because I could shoot the entire show I tried to bring my Fuji X-E1 alongside with my trusty Canon 6D, just to see how it behaves in such light conditions. While the AF was struggling sometimes and the white balance in some shots was completely off, a good amount of shots were pretty usable, even despite the kit lens – which is an excellent general purpose lens, but not so much for gigs. When the X-T1 came out with better specs, faster AutoFocus, faster buffer, better viewfinder, and many other improvements over my old school X-E1, I wondered if this new camera could do the job. So, I asked to Fujifilm if they could lend me an X-T1 to test it and see if this camera is a viable alternative to a DSLR. To be honest I didn’t think I would receive any answer, but to my surprise, they did answer – and they told me that they could lend me a camera for a couple of weeks…..

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