Review: Fujifilm X-T1-Mini [X-T10] | Riley Joseph


Should you buy the X-T10? I have no idea. It will retail for $899CND body only and $1249CND with the XF18-55/2.8-4 kit lens. Cheaper with the XC16-50 but I wouldn’t buy that lens. The optics are good but the build quality is all plastic with a slower aperture. Pair this with the XF18mm/2 or XF27/2.8 and you have a very, very small street shooter camera with great image quality. What are you getting over a used X-E2? Mainly the SLR-like shape, tilt-y LCD and the great new AF system. I won’t be buying one because I already have an X-T1 that I love. I would think of it as a back-up to that if I needed it.. but at this point I don’t. My wife, who is not into photography, liked it and felt she could see herself using that as her camera. She used to have a dSLR which she never brought with her due to the weight. But this would be easy to bring along on adventures……


Fujifilm X-T10

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