Review: Fujifilm X70 | Jordan Steele

Fuji kicked off the X-series with the original X100, a camera that had a distinct retro aesthetic, great image quality and an optical viewfinder. It made waves and eventually led to Fuji’s successful X-Series of interchangeable lens cameras. The X100 has seen two more iterations, and today I’m looking at the newest ‘little brother’ of the X100 series: the Fujifilm X70. The X70 features the same APS-C sized sensor as its bigger brother, the X100T, but it comes in a more compact body and with a wider fixed lens of 18.5mm (28mm Full Frame equivalent field of view). To reduce the size, Fuji also removed the excellent hybrid viewfinder and replaced it with the first touch screen on a Fuji camera. Does Fuji have another hit on its hands…..

Source: Review: Fujifilm X70 – Admiring Light

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Hello. Love your Blog. Great information and images. Wonder if you think the X 70 would be a good option in lue of buying a 23mm f/2 for my XT-1. I know the field of view is wider but primary use would be street shooting and a camera I always have with me. Love to hear your thoughts. Thank you for your time.


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