REVIEW: X-Pro2 – The Next Generation | Jeff Carter

As an X-Photographer I was invited by Fujifilm to test the brand new X-Pro2 (codename LEO) which is the first of the next generation of CSC X-Series cameras. Like most X-Photographers I cut my teeth on the X-Pro1 and fell in love with the retro styled camera that boasted 21st century tech inside.  No one will tell you that the X-Pro1 was 100% perfect but it was, and still is, a great camera to shoot with.  X-Pro2 has the same rangefinder style layout with the top plate having the same dial layout, shutter release and flash hotshoe. Last November I picked up my prototype copy of the X-Pro2 on my return from the final round of the World Endurance Championship in Bahrain and set about learning the functions on the new camera……..