Sharpness of Fujifilm XF50-140mm lens with XF1,4× teleconverter | Michal Krause

From the first time I started to shoot with Fuji gear, as nature photographer I keep eye on all longer focal lengths X system offers. Recently I recently had the opportunity to test Fujinon  XF50-140mm with XF1,4× teleconverter. I have to say I don’t like teleconverters much. I owned three of them from different manufacturers earlier and I tested few more, always with proffesional lenses (70-200 mm f/2,8 and 300 mm f/2,8). I sold all of them, because I was not satisfied with optical quality. The main reason was loss of sharpness when shooting from longer distance. While pictures taken from short distance was great, so it was perfectly acceptable for shooting small birds etc., distances over 10 meters shown lack of sharpnes in fine structures like animals fur……..