Shooting weddings, street, family…anything…. with the Fuji X100s,
….the camera with soul! | Greg Coltman

Ok, so I know I am late to the party but hey, being late is fashionable right? So after much deliberation I purchased a Fuji X100s (a few months before the Fuji X100T was announced) for several reasons. As a documentary wedding photographer I’m always looking for something to add to may arsenal of tools to allow me capture special moments. I had read all the technical reviews and real world usages, I liked the styling, Image quality was superb, High ISO noise handled well, silent shutter etc etc at least that’s what they all said.. One thing I have learnt is that when people spend a fortune on gear they always see the best in it. It’s quite rare that someone shells out a grand on equipment then bemoans its capabilities. They want to report that the camera / car / bike etc that they have bought is the best….perhaps it’s a perceived fear that if they were to negatively report on the equipment, it calls their judgement into question… Photographers are a funny bunch lol. So, after seeing all the positives the ONLY way I could get to the truth was to buy the thing and use it. I have no relationship with Fuji and this is the first Fuji camera I have owned (shot Minolta, canon, yashica, Olympus ) I’m NOT going to talk about tech specs. These are well documented all over the interwebby… Im NOT going to talk about styling…Just take a look at it…its cooler than a cucumber on an iceberg. What I am going to talk about, briefly, is how it shoots, how it makes me shoot and how it feels to shoot….


Fuji X100S

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