Shooting weddings with friends | Dennis Berti

People ask me which are my goals as a wedding photographer? Or what am I expecting from the photographs i take? Everyone has a different approach talking about the direction of their own jobs or the way they just work with their clients. Well, in my case my highest priority is to make my brides very happy. Because is also what makes me happy. First of all is to exceeded their expectations when they gave me the huge responsibility to shoot one of the most important days on their life, they are trusting me. Plus the fact they choose me between many other great photographers, I can’t ask for more. but there is also  the deep pleasure to take pictures just for to take it. The joy to click the shutter and feeling very good about it, grateful to have one of the best job in the world. But I really believe this happiness/pleasure/joy could be shared with other friends photographers too. Shooting a wedding for me is always a pleasure and I’m always excited, but in a raw world this is just a job (a great job). What about when a colleague ask you for some help or just for kindness to share an experience with him without any compensation? Until today I did it a few times and I will do it again, because feels nice to create something without commitments and overall doing what i love most: Photography! There is not nothing better than shoot just for fun, having the time to experiment new stuffs, techniques, ideas etc, or in my case trying the new camera: the Fujifilm x100s….

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