Shooting with the Leica M9-P | Digital Photography Review

In light of the speculation surrounding the upcoming Leica press event in Berlin – expectation is high for an M10 announcement – a few of us here in dpreview’s Seattle office took the opportunity to shoot briefly with the Leica M9-P and a selection of current M lenses. In this article we’ll share our experiences using the Leica rangefinder system, not in the context of our normal studio tests and analyses, but out in the real world as a photographic tool.

Working with a rangefinder system

As anyone who’s ever shot with a Leica M – or any rangefinder camera for that matter – can tell you, doing so is a vastly different photographic experience than shooting with an SLR. Setting manual focus via a ‚focussing rectangle‘ located in the center of the optical viewfinder means that you’ll often be using a focus-recompose technique or relying on zone focusing with the lens stopped down to a relatively narrow aperture. And unlike the ‚tunnel-vision‘ of an SLR, a rangefinder lets you look beyond the scene, with framelines superimposed in the viewfinder…..

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