Staging, Manipulation and Truth in Photography | The New York Times

During this year’s tumultuous World Press photo competition, a large number of images were disqualified because of manipulation or excessive digital postprocessing. In addition, one major prize was revoked amid allegations of staging and misleading captioning. These events sparked months of spirited discussion and introspection about ethical practices in photojournalism. In response, the World Press organization is changing its rules for next year’s contest and creating a code of ethics for photographers entering the contest. Along with Oxford University’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, World Press also surveyed photographers who entered the 2015 contest. The 63-question online survey was completed by 1,549 of the 5,158 entrants. About half of the respondents were from Europe, and 9.2 percent were from North America. One of the most disturbing findings was that more than half of the news photographers who replied said they sometimes staged photos — with 12 percent saying they did so at least half the time. All of the major wire services and newspapers in the United States forbid staging news photos…..


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