Strøm Festival 2013 | Flemming Bo Jensen

A 5 story building transformed into a 360 degree panoramic stage of sound and video. A metro train converted into a moving spectacle of live music, loaded with speakers. An underground grotto-like former water cistern became the Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings, complete with Balrog. And the final party featured thousands of ravers in a park, a big stage, DJ school for kids, oh and a sauna and a hot tub. What is this madness? This is Strøm. Strøm (Danish for power and current) festival is Scandinavia’s premier electronic music festival and features a wide and innovative selection of events, workshops and raves held all over Copenhagen. There is no festival like Strøm, it is a pleasure shooting for them and the events are often original. I shot for them in 2012, and in 2013 Charlene and I had an amazing week covering up to 4 events a day…..

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