Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review | Digital Photography Review

After starting at the top-end with its X-Pro1, Fujifilm has been steadily expanding its X-series mirrorless camera to appeal to a broader audience. With its X-T1, Fujifilm has moved back toward high-end, offering a fully-loaded mirrorless camera in a weather-resistant, Read more …


The new Fujifilm X-T1 interchangeable lens camera | Fujifilm

Fujifilm is delighted to announce the X-T1, the latest addition to the award-winning X-Series range. A premium interchangeable lens camera, the X-T1 features evolved SLR-style handling, mechanical dials and weather-resistance (when paired with a weather resistant X mount lens), together Read more …


Fujifilm XT-1 : Sh*t Just Got Real | David George Brommer

The mouse that roared in the photo world of gear is certainly Fujifilm’s X system. Not sitting on the laurels of thier acclaimed XE and XPro cameras the short giants have released a sneak peak of their new flagship camera, Read more …


Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera |
Digital Photography Review

Fujifilm is teasing an upcoming SLR-style mirrorless body on its X system page. The camera sports top-plate shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO dials, along with a prominent central viewfinder ‚hump‘. It will be formally announced on January 28th, and as Read more …


Hopes, Thoughts and Trust: The upcoming Fujifilm X-T1 |

If the X-T1 is really that good concerning speed and AF, could it be the camera to trigger more ‘system switching’ than any other model?After all, a camera with these specs would certainly be the next best choice below a Read more …


Fujifilm X-T1 coming on January | Fujifilm

First official image of the new X-T1. Looks nice for me :-) See on