How wedding photography has changed over the last 16 years and
what all photographers can learn from it | Bradley Hanson

The first thing that comes to mind is that 16 years ago everyone was shooting film and newspapers were just starting to transition to the original digital cameras. 16 years ago brides were reading their local wedding magazines. Now they Read more …

When love breaks down: Why I sold my mirrorless camera |
Martin Gillman

Many of you will recall that I wrote a blog some months ago entitled ‘5 reasons why your DSLR is obsolete in today’s world’ and that, to say the least got a lot of people talking. It also drew much Read more …

5 reasons DSLR’s are obsolete in today’s world | Martin Gillman

My name is Martin Gillman, known mostly as just Gillman, a Photographer from the South West of the UK. I would describe myself generally as an all rounder, but my love is with Landscape and Street Images. Although I do not describe myself as a Professional Photographer I do still earn income from commissions and print sales at my own leisure. I like it that way, it works for me as I get to do what I want and when I want to do it. and creativity can take precedence over instruction. I may make a switch to full time one day, if the demand is there. I believe strongly in education and self development within the craft and spend a lot of time studying the both classic and contemporary as well as coaching others who wish to learn more. You will often find me strolling around a quaint village or trekking through countryside in search of magical light and form……….