The handcrafted JB Camera Designs Grip for Fuji X Pro 2 | Jason Boucher

Last week I was in Stillwater, Oklahoma to ride the Landrun 100 gravel road race & ride, pics can be found here. While there I got to see one of my closest friends’ businesses, JB Camera Designs. JB Camera Designs Read more …

Fragments – My 1st Month with the Fuji X Pro 2 | Jason Boucher

I am closing this month a very happy man. I’ve had an incredible month. My family is great. I’ve traveled to Oklahoma for the Landrun 100 and to Colorado for my family spring break and on Friday, I leave for Read more …

Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera | Jason Boucher

I gambled late December and sold my Fuji X100t and XT1 so I could have cash in hand when the next Fuji X Pro 2 and X70 were released. I loved both cameras but the thought of selling my loved Read more …

Out flirting with the Fuji X-T1 again….. | Jason Boucher

I have been busy with work and out traveling again. This time instead of
grabbing my trusty EM1 with a couple of lenses, I went north with my Fuji X-T1, an old Fuji X-M1 as my pocket cam and handful of lenses. I am still flirting with this camera. I wanted to give it one more go to test the
focus ability and continuous autofocus capabilities shooting my daughter’s soccer tournament. In short, I don’t like it for events. I like it considerably less than my EM1. However, for still shooting and some specific types of shooting like people and portraits, I prefer it.  I’ll admit that „It“ could be the lenses available for the X system. They truly are spectacular and really give a specific feel and wonderful skin tones…..