Fujifilm X100 long exposure practice. ….. Finally | Simon Peckham

At last …. Heading out to the Lake District taking the camper I knew I would be able to find the perfect time and location for a spot of long exposure shooting. The plan was to stick faithfully to the Read more …

Fuji X100s 830nm Infrared and Long Exposures | Mark Hilliard

Normally you do not see much in the way of Long Exposure  photography in the Infrared world.  The reason is that it is necessary to use Neutral Density filters (ND) to cut down the amount of light reaching the sensor to enable very long shutter speeds.  The infrared spectrum will reduce the the effective value of any ND filter that you attach to your lens from between 20% to 30%.  Have you ever taken a photograph of a person wearing a pair of sunglasses in infrared and noticed that they are totally clear?  This is the effect that I am talking about.   The general rule is that the cheaper filters suffer much greater loss in infrared and the variable ND filters do not work well at all (yes, even the expensive Singh Ray). Should you desire to pursue this style of photography I strongly suggest that you purchase and use B+W ND filters which loose around 20%.  I am also told that Lee filters do not loose too much effect as well but I have not yet tested them even though I own them all…….

Source: markhilliardatelier.wordpress.com

London cityscapes and abstracts with the Fuji XE-1 and
Redged tripod | Lizzie Shepherd

If I needed a reminder that I should find a little more time for cityscapes and architectural photography, then I certainly got that on my recent visit to London. I was down for a meeting to discuss a women in photography programme for the Photography Show next year and took the opportunity to tr…


Dunluce Castle Long Exposure with the X-T1 and 10-24mm |
David Cleland

Dunluce Castle on Northern Ireland’s Antrim coast is said to be the inspiration for CS Lewis and the royal castle of Cair Paravel. More recently the castle (with a number of other Northern Ireland locations) was featured in the brilliant Read more …


Wales and the X Pro | Stacy Guiney

So myself and good buddy James Watson hit the good country of Wales for a long over due road trip. Heading over to the Elan Valley an estate which forms home to number of Dams and reservoirs which service the Read more …


Fujifilm X-E2 Landscape and Long Exposure | Danielle Vitarbo

I’ve had the X-E2 for a several months now and I have to say I’m impressed with the improvements over the X-E1. I’ve gone through the Fuji X100, X100s, and X-E1. Each one was returned to fund the next one. Read more …


Suffolk coast | Matt Wilkinson

I went to the coast early Saturday morning to capture the sunrise but the weather was too good with hardly a cloud in sight, so tried some minimalist long exposure shots with the X-pro 1 and the B+W filter. Then Read more …


X-T1 vs. X-E1 for long exposure photography | Fuji vs. Fuji

One thing I love about where Fujifilm are with their cameras, and where I really hope they continue to take them,1 is that almost their entire line of X Series cameras have the same 16 MP X-Trans sensor. All we Read more …


First Long Exposures with the Fujifilm X-T1 | Stephen Ip

The Bottom Line As you can see, the good for me outweighs the bad. While the X-T1 isn’t perfect, it does offer several improvements for long exposure photography over the X-Pro1. The biggest ones being the new EVF and tilting Read more …


Silent Valley and the X-T1 | David Cleland

Having shot some music photography with the X-T1and 35mm Fujinon lens it was time to head to the stunning Mourne Mountains. The X-T1 is so fresh the major photo editing applications are yet to support the RAW image files. I Read more …