42.195 km | Marco Larousse

You know that the big day gets closer when the blue lines appear on the streets of Hamburg in the spring. 42.195 km of asphalt that belong to cars 364 days of the year. But not on that one Sunday of the year! More than ten thousand runners have started to practice and get in shape for month. But on the day that the blue lines appear everyone gets that tingling feeling in their stomach. Anticipation, excitement and plain old fear…

Source: www.origamicollective.com

New member of Origami Collective: Fuji X-Photographer Marco Larousse


X-citing News | Matt Brandon

I am excited to announce that I am now listed as an Fujifilm X-Photographer. I, along with Malaysian Photographers Kim Boon and Jessica Chan have been inducted into this hall of X-system photographers.  You can visit my X-Photographer page HERE. Read more …


After 3 years with Fuji X-Cameras I say „Domo Arigato Fujifilm and
Ganbatte Kudasai!“ | HamburgCam

It’s now 3 years ago when my camera shop called and told me that they just got a Fuji X100 in and that I could buy it. 30 minutes later I was holding that camera beauty in my hands. I Read more …