Hands-On MHG-XPRO Grip | Chris Dodkin

The new Fuji MHG-XPRO grip has just arrived for my X-Pro1, so I’ve down a quick comparison with the original Fuji grip, and illustrated how the new grip works with the camera. The original grip on the X-Pro1 – note Read more …


Fujifilm launches updated grips for X-E and X-Pro cameras |
Digital Photography Review

In amongst the product releases of the past few months, Fujifilm announced a pair of accessory grips for its X-E and X-Pro cameras. The MHG-Xpro and MHG-XE improve on the original HG designs by providing continued access to the cameras‘ Read more …


Fujifilm hand grips for X-Pro1 et X-E2 | LetsGoDigital

Hand grips for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and X-E2 : The Fujifilm MHG-XPRO and MHG-XE hand grips provide enhanced grip and hold for the X-Pro1, X-E1 and the X-E2, plus allow access to the battery and memory card slot without removing Read more …