A year with a Pro- one year on with the Fuji X-Pro1 | SUBERASHI

A year ago I jumped ship from being a Canon user to the world of Fuji and CSC cameras. Having dabbled with the very cool Olympus PEN range I was sure someone would deliver a camera with a smaller footprint than my Read more …

Morgan Motor Car Malvern | Suberashi

Worcestershire is a very cool and stunning part of the UK its also my home. It’s also full of heritage, Sir Richard Elgar, Worcestershire Sauce,and the civil war which started in 1642 had it’s first full battle at Powick bridge Read more …

Sabbath Town: Black Sabbath x Fuji X-Pro | Suberashi

As a native of the city of Birmingham there a some things that make me
proud to be a child of the town. HP Sauce, Duran Duran, UB40, and the
original Mini to name a few. But there is one thing that stands above all
of that, a band well, more than that an entire sound that shrouded the city then now and forever. The story is well known, four working class lads from Birmingham who got together because there was chuff all else too do in Brum at that point in time. A real smoking sooty furnace of a place, the city was and still is a fairly hard place and for over 40 years Black Sabbath has been interwoven within that. The heavy bluesy soul that Birmingham emits is the heart of Black Sabbath even now…..

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Nike Air Max Lunar1 meets Fuji X-Pro | Suberashi

Another week another shoe release, but this is very very special. The Nike Air Max arrived in 1987. Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker wanted the most comfortable shoe on the market, Nike had already given is the waffle sole, but they wanted more for their top class athletes. Nike had gotten people running and this was the next step. This shoe was different it had this magic little air bubble or Air Bag in the sole, the first time I saw a pair I was 13 or 14 JD Sports had a real small store in Birmingham and these where there all new and groundbreaking. Inspired by the Pompidu Centre in Paris they had the same outside in design as the famous paris tourist spot. I remember the whole Air bag puncturing fable, I remember being sent home from school as they didn’t meet the uniform. Pestering my dad till he gave in. It was a love affair that has gone on and on……

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Modelflesh | Suberashi

Was invited to spend some time in a studio last week too see how the Fuji X-Pro handled the workload. It was a chance to show the Fuji up against a Nikon D800 which the owner is thinking of changing Read more …


Fuji x Pro, Amsterdam loves you! | Suberashi

I love Amsterdam thats a fairly well know fact. Great walkable, creative diverse and beautiful place and the perfect spot to test out the Fuji X Pro that I have invested money research and trust into. This isn’t a review Read more …


The Fuji X-Pro is not a Toy! | Suberashi

I made the move month or so ago too Fuji, as a Canon user everyone had told me „full frame is best“, „DSLR’s are real cameras“. But I needed a camera that didn’t weigh as much as me, didn’t make Read more …