The Rig: Patrick La Roque | Ledesma Photography

Who are you and what’s your profession? My name is Patrick La Roque and I’m a commercial, portrait and documentary photographer based in Montreal, Canada — Although we actually live in a little town called Otterburn Park, about 30 minutes Read more …


The Rig: Fixelpix | Ledesma Photography

Who are you and what’s your profession? I am an educator by profession and teach film and animation to the next generation of budding filmmakers. Photography is a hobby that is not only a great way to relax but really Read more …

I’m an official Fujifilm X Photographer | Thomas Menk

Launched on 20th June 2012, the X-Photographers website is an growing online gallery of images shot by photographers who use FUJIFILM X series cameras. It displays the high quality output and creativity that X series cameras offer photographers. Visitors get Read more …


The Rig: Derek Clark | Jorge Ledesma

My name is Derek Clark and I’m a documentary photographer in Scotland UK, where I live with my wife and our two kids. I’m a member of The Kage Collective, an international group of photographers focused on visual storytelling and Read more …


The Rig: Kevin Mullins | Jorge Ledesma

My name is Kevin Mullins. I’m a professional documentary style wedding photographer based in Wiltshire, England. I’m originally from Wales, but settled in our little market town around seven years ago with my wife. We now have two little people Read more …


The Rig: Bert Stephani | Jorge Ledesma

My name is Bert Stephani and I’m a professional photographer from Belgium. That’s a tiny country in the middle of Europe famous for it’s beer, chocolate and for inventing fries. The French stole the fries from us, but it should Read more …


X-Photographer´s interview | Fujifilm Global

X-Photographer´s are talking about there experiences of FUJIFILM X cameras Zack Arias Bert Stephani David Hobby