The Fascination with Full Frame | La Vida Leica!

Ask pretty much any digital photographer what „full frame“ is and they’ll tell you it’s sensor based on a full 35mm frame’s dimensions, which measures 24x36mm. Back in the heyday of film, there were fewer options… Especially when the 35mm format came about 101+ years ago in 1913 – though it wasn’t really popularized until a dozen years later, in 1925 when Oskar Barnack used this format for his Ur Leica. But in today’s digital cameras it seems like there are countless variations of sensors sizes (e.g. APS-C, APS-H, m4/3, etc.). So what is it about full frame (link is external) that fascinates so many shooters? Does the sensor size really matter? Who cares if the sensor is smaller, if it has more megapixels in resolution? Surely that means it’s better. Well, yes and no. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the considerations of sensor size and why full frame seems to be the Holy Grail of digital photography. It’s not meant to be a lengthy, in-depth explanation. Quite frankly, it’s just not that exciting………

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