The first outing with the new Fuji XT-1 | Chuq Von Rospach

As soon as Fuji announced the new XT-1 camera I knew I was going to upgrade it. The feature set seemed to match what I saw of the weaknesses in the XE-1 — which, I should note, is a really good camera. While I felt the XE-1 was a great landscape and street camera, the autofocus, the sometimes laggy shutter and the general responsiveness kept me from thinking about the XE-1 as a camera for use out in the field doing critter or bird photography. This feeling was reinforced one day when I was out in the Merced refuges and the geese were spooked, the camera really struggled to keep up with the action of trying to shoot wide angle images with 15,000 geese chaotically flying around in a panic. Still, when things were slower, I really loved the results…..

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