The Fuji X-T2, a new beginning! | Saraya Cortaville

I have never been a great one for keeping a secret!…. 25th of April, 15:00 hours and the rendezvous point was Somerset house, Embankment, London, England. Two very special agents from Fuji U.K handed me a top secret black box! A black box that only 100 other photographers around the world were privy too, before its official release. My mission was to test out this prototype and see if I was willing to defect! Being a loyal Nikon user since my first assisting job in 1999, and having always enjoyed the quality, and build of their cameras. A Nikon user since the film days of the F5! I invested in the lenses and bought into the ethos of quality! Yes a photographer who had stayed loyal to the brand and the system for a long while almost 15 years! Could I be swayed? My most recent investment being the D4s, and three lenses, the 24mm-70mm, f2.8, 70mm-200mm, f2.8 and the 50mm prime f1.2. This kit has travelled with me across the world and allowed me to shoot some beautiful images that I am very proud of!!  I have gained two fellowships and numerous awards with this kit…..

Source: the Studio. | Portrait photography North London