The Gradual Move Towards Fujifilm: An Interview with Patrick La Roque |

Welcome to our series of 100 interviews we will be holding with professional photographers who use mirrorless cameras for work! “Switching to a smaller and lighter system” has become somewhat of a buzz phrase as of late, but many working photographers take this philosophy seriously. From medical reasons such as resolving back and shoulder pain to the simple realisation that bigger does not mean better, photographers are turning to mirrorless systems now more than ever before. This week’s interview is with freelance photographer Patrick La Roque from Montreal, Canada. He uses the Fuji X-Pro1 and X100 to shoot a variety of subjects, including “people, spaces, street and products.” An official Fuji X Photographer and founding member of the Kage Collective, he has an influential presence in the online photography world, though he will modestly tell you that he’s “just a guy looking to tell a story!” ….

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