THE ‘IMAGE-FEEL’ OF X-TRANS | Pete Bridgwood

The journey to mastery of landscape photography in the deepest sense, is paved with spirituality. It is about finding resonance with nature’s theatre, visual discovery, self-expression; fundamentally, landscape photography is a metaphor for the human condition. I make no apology if this all sounds a little romantic, landscape photography deserves to be romanticised; when done well, it can capture emotion in it’s most primeval guise and preserve it for eternity. There’s an overwhelming preoccupation with gear in much of the photographic press, and for good reasons. If the commercial cogs keep turning and camera clientele consume, then design develops, technology thrives and we all continue to benefit: that’s how consumerism works. For many of us though, this perennial obsession with the latest cameras and accessories can become a little distracting, some may even say ‘irritating’. We would suggest, that it’s not the camera you use, but the photographs you make with it that count, or that the best camera is whichever one you have with you, or that photographer’s make photographs, not cameras, right? …..


Fuji X-Pro1

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