The Leica M2 | 35mmc

The M2 was Leica’s answer to a requirement for a more affordable and more versatile M camera. In many regards it can be seen as a simplified Leica M3, but actually as far as the history of the Leica M goes, it was a little more significant than just that. And not only is it significant in Leica’s history, it’s had its own little affect on me. Like the Leica M-A I recently borrowed from Leica UK, the M2 is also a borrowed camera. This time the camera is on loan from my mate Ben. Ben is what I call a jammy git, as only a few months ago, in a market where to a greater extent Leica M2s go for around £400-500, Ben paid around £250 for his, and got a pretty good one too. He might have to pay for a CLA to have the viewfinder cleaned up a bit, but in the grand scheme of things I’d rather add c.£100 for a CLA to a £250 purchase than to a £450 purchase… So yeah, Ben, you’re a jammy git! But of course, I appreciate the loan! ….


Leica M

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