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Ultimately, it’s really all about the lenses. Other than the least expensive ones (which are still very expensive for us mere mortals) they’re gorgeous. Probably the best lenses you can buy. As far as the bodies, would you like to build your next home with nothing but gold-plated hand tools? Then a Leica could be the camera for you. The M9 body was released in September 2009 and was (I think) the first full-frame mirrorless digital camera, an honor it held for three years. Feature wise, the M9 is very unimpressive by today’s standards. The design is retro/minimalist. Focus is manual only. Aperture is manual only. (No shutter-priority mode.)  There’s no built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF), just a rangefinder. And the rangefinder doesn’t even have a diopter adjustment. (External diopter lenses are available.) The rangefinder covers a maximum angle-of-view that matches a 28mm lens. If you want to shoot wider than 28mm, you need to stick an external rangefinder into the hot shoe. When new, the M9 body was priced at US$7,995. You can buy one used these days for about US$4,500. The M9-P model was released in 2012 with not much more than cosmetic differences. The rear LCD glass is improved and they removed all brand markings (“M9″ and the Leica red dot) from the front of the camera……..


Leica M Type 240

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