The Nissin i40 Flash for Fuji Review | Colin Nicholls

A bit of clarification; I rarely use flash, in fact I really only use it for dancing shots at weddings, that being said this review is a quick look at what this piece of gear can do, my abilities with flash are limited so please excuse the technical side of things. My current flash guns are the very competent but also the very big Yongnuo 560’s, when this flash came out I ordered one right away as it had some great features but for me the size is a massive bonus, no longer will my little X100 feel like its being pulled forward with the weight of the Yongnuo on top. I always like to keep my reviews short so I’ll try that here, I preordered the Nissin i40 from Jessops and managed to be one of the first to get it in the UK, so this review is kind of a quick overview and a breakdown of how it performs, so here goes. Size on a Fuji: Small, like really really small, crazy small. As you can see from the photos, this flash is super small, it’s crazy that it takes 4 AA batteries, I’m not really sure where the electronics go. On the X100 it’s incredibly well balanced and feels very comfortable to use, the dials are in the perfect place and are very easy to turn whilst feeling solid……….


Nissin i40

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