The Rig: Riley Joseph | Interview | Jorge Ledesma

Who are you and what’s your profession?

I’m Riley and my profession is being a photographer & a gentleman. While photography is a large part of my professional life I also do side work managing social media for organizations as well as a writing creative. I married my dream girl in 2011 and we live in Southern Alberta with our year old cockapoo Ruby. My hobby, shockingly, is also photography. But it is just for me then. And that is what I typically share on my social media, tumblr, blog and the like. In the spring I was invited by famed FujiGuy, Billy, into the stable of Fujifilm X-Photographers. With this I am given the opportunity to try out knew Fuji products before they hit the streets and give my input to Fuji on how to make their products better. And by better I of course mean exactly how I want them to be. I like anything made of leather, wood, fine brass or a mixture of all three…..

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