Robert-Paul Jansen

I had been to this location a few times before, ‘Landgoed Zegenwerp’. A rather small but impressive forrest on an old estate with tall beech trees just across the river De Dommel but within a kilometer from my house. I knew there should be a grave somewhere on the estate, I’d never seen it but had read about it in a magazine. So one day I decided to look for it. And I found it, just a few meters from where I had been photographing many times before. The grave of a small child from one of the owners in the nineteenth century: baron Willem Arnold Alting Lamoraal van Geusau and his wife Sybilla Hendrina Wilhelmina. And just when I discovered the grave, the sun began to shine and light started pouring into the forrest giving me a magnificent view. I just stood there. Stood there and enjoyed the moment…..

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